Indigo-Med undertakes the design and implementation of professional communication and dissemination strategies for any project. Being actively involved in the dissemination and communication activities of European projects for the last 10 years, our staff can help you achieve real results and design a communications plan that suits your needs and requirements.

Our staff has cooperated internationally with distinguished research centres, aquaria, scientific and educational organisations, as well as universities and science centres, aiming to create science communication networks and forums, and to provide effective dissemination of scientific knowledge to the general public and the interested stakeholders.


Part of the outreach activities that Indigo-Med plans for the general public, includes the design and implementation of educational activities that engage students all of ages in learning about science, either through formal or informal education establishments, while ocean literacy remains one of our top priorities.


Stakeholders are key persons involved in a project with a direct or indirect effect on the project results. We are here to help you connect with your target audience, create effective and meaningful dialogue with them and ensure that their input is effectively disseminated to the public and their expectations managed throughout the project. We use interactive methods that engage, connect and facilitate the science communication discourse to all interested parties.

Consideration of the needs of stakeholders forms an integral part of the research and adoption continuum from design to inception and from development through to delivery. We will help to accomplish your goals and engage the stakeholders you need to realise your ideas.


Based on long-standing experience in EU and nationally-funded projects, we provide proposal preparation and writing services, in order to help you succeed in getting funded.


Indigo-Med can provide scientific publication editing services as well translation services, from Greek – English and vice versa.


Indigo-Med can undertake the organisation of events and conferences, from start to finish. We can provide dedicated services for organising your event, including event promotion & dissemination, social media account management before and during the event, as well as the overall organisation and management of the event, including planning, executing and promoting your event. 


The demands raised by the prevailing social networks are inescapable and, at the same time, a necessity for the promotion of any project. Indigo-Med can develop ongoing, parallel platforms and strategies intended for social networking and web marketing. The strategies created involve the presence of your project and its content on several blogs and scientific-oriented platforms, in order to gain visibility, through dedicated, carefully-planned activities.


Indigo-Med provides professional Graphic & Web Design services for international clients, depending on their needs and requirements. Our job is to provide our clients with creative, affordable and effective brands and websites. We are passionate about delivering results beyond expectations. Some of our Graphic & Web Design services include:

  • Custom website design
  • WordPress theme development
  • Project Branding Packages
  • Professional business card design
  • Social Media Profile Customisation
  • Company Logo design
  • Print design