Indigo-Med is a Science Communication & Education consultancy, based in Athens, Greece. Effective science communication solutions are at its core, aiming to communicate scientific issues to the public through novel and entertaining means. The Indigo-Med team consists of science communicators, scientists, and an IT team ready to provide you with tailor-made ideas and solutions to suit your needs.


  • Communicate science effectively & develop a dissemination strategy that will enable you to engage, educate and gain support from key stakeholders.
  • Design, produce & implement efficient communication strategic plans.
  • Provide tailored education & outreach activities


Indigo-Med is focused on delivering results and producing a real “communication effect”. Its core values are to deliver results that have useful and meaningful impacts, for the general public, the policy-makers, the media and the wider scientific community through novel and creative solutions.

We listen to our clients and discuss their needs from the onset of our collaboration. In this way, we aim to deliver timely, efficient and effective solutions that are tailor-made for each client. Our success and driving force is built on the team’s collective experience, our pursuit of excellence to satisfy our clients, as well as our dedication to build long-term, rewarding partnerships that add value to our clients and our people.

We care about delivering project outputs, while ensuring that our results measurable, have a positive impact and sustainability.

We share all our knowledge with our partners and clients. Being open to new ideas and collaborations is a central value to the company, while we strongly believe that transparency is the foundation of trust, therefore all our work is carried out in an open, direct and honest manner.

What we do today, affects our future. Our actions will define our future. This is Indigo-Med’s motto when it comes to making informed and responsible decisions that affect our environment. This is why we choose to reduce our individual carbon footprint as a company and we encourage everyone to do the same. Think about your lifestyle decisions and find opportunities to reduce your impact on the environment .


  • Erasmus+ Project MATESMaritime Alliance for fostering the European Blue economy through a Marine Technology Skilling Strategy. The project kicked-off in January 2018, in Brussels. This initiative for Vocational Education and Training involves 17 partners in 8 EU countries, granted with 4M€ and lead by Fundacion CETMAR in Spain. The project ended succesfully in April 2022 after a brief extention was granted. 
  • Professional Skippers in the Mediterranean: MedSkippers. Indigo-Med was the Work Package leader for Communication and Dissemination in the EASME Project MedSkippers (Blue Networks in the Mediterranean), from December 2018 – November 2021. The project concluded in February 2022. 
  • BRIDGE-BS H2020 Project: The BRIDGE-BS project, started in June 2021, will develop predictive tools and capabilities necessary to understand and predict the impacts of climate-driven and anthropogenic multi-stressors on the services stemming from Black Sea ecosystems. These services and their responses to stressors will be mapped, monitored, and modeled to identify a safe operating space within which a sustainable blue economy can flourish. INDIGO-MED is leading the Work Package on Education & Capacity Building. 


Martha Papathanassiou was a Communications Consultant for:

She is currently working as an Associate Expert for Brilliant Solutions Engineering & Consulting (BRiS), providing consulting services related to:

  • Dissemination and communication activities, and event management for projects focusing on water and environmental science & policy.
  • Environmental science education activities.


Martha Papathanassiou

Founder & CEO of INDIGO-MED
Science Communication Expert

CV | martha@indigo-med.com

Faidra Bazigou

Ecological Marine Management
Marine Sciences

CV | faidra@indigo-med.com